My Story

You're here looking at my story for a reason; either you love Scentsy, you love ME, you're interested in having your OWN business, you want to know more about your Scentsy lady, or you're just curious.  Whatever your reason is you're here!  

My first interaction with Scentsy was strictly business.  It was August 2012 and I was an Independent Consultant for another direct sales candle company and I wanted to check out my competition.  So I pulled up the Scentsy website to see what they were about.  I entered my address and about 10 Independent Consultants in my area showed up.  First thought was, “Whoa, that’s a pretty good number for a 15 mile radius!”  I read through the My Story for each of them and picked a person who had a "My Story" that I connected with, a friendly face, and took their business seriously.  Pretty random.

Up until that point, I only heard of Scentsy through vendor events that I attended and had never experienced the product for myself.  I always thought, “Oh that’s nice but I’m a jar candle girl.”  Something about the flame glowing in a candle appealed to me, that and well if there’s ever a storm I have these candles to light my way.  So back the point, I ordered a Scentsy Companion System which included a Warmer (Fizz), Plug-In (Fizz), and 3 Scensty bars (Mediterranean Spa, Coconut Lemongrass, and Luna).  When I opened up the package I plugged in the warmer and dropped a cube of Mediterranean Spa in.  After a few minutes I couldn’t believe how much scent came from that little cube. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I still loved the candle company I represented.  As far as scented candles go I still believe that they are the best.  I continued through the fall and winter months with my candle business, that’s the best season for being in the candle industry.  As with everyone else I’m sure the holidays are busy, constant coming and going.  I started getting tired of always have to remember to “dip the wick” before I left the house and I would only light my candles 4 hours max to keep them from turning my jars black but when I’d have company over I quickly lost track of time and my jars were turning black.

Then in January 2013 the Scentsy Independent Consultant I had ordered from previously sent me a postcard with a Scent of the Month sample.  Call it good timing or whatever but it sparked something in me.  I began researching the company, more than just a product testing.  I discovered they had three core values: Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity.  This spoke to me greatly.  I am organized, minimalistic, and modern; I don’t enjoy clutter in my life.  Clean lines and clear surfaces would describe my d├ęcor.  Okay, Simplicity: Check!  My relationships are authentic, if you’re in my life it’s because I want you to be, Check!  Then generosity…what a great value for a company you represent to have.  The ability to give more than you take and the ability to change lives!  I want to do that, Check!

I began thinking, this truly is a company that I could be proud to represent: simplicity, authenticity, and generosity.  It played on repeat in my head.  When you have few suitcases of jar candles wrapped carefully so they don’t break and weighing a ton while you pack and unpack for events, let me tell you simplicity was screaming loudly in my ear.  Along with the core values there were many other things about the business plan that made it financially easier on me to operate my business.  I decided to take the leap and make the switch.  I started realizing that when you’re a “Scentsy Sister” you really are a part of a larger of community.  I’ve met some inspiring women along the way and so much generosity.  I’ve received so many tips and tools on how to have a successful business. 

Two Scentsy Family Reunions later and here I am running my business exactly how I want and when I want.  I am proud of this awesome company I represent and they treat me like gold.  Let me tell you, I’ve felt appreciated before but I’ve never felt as appreciated as I did at the 2014 Scentsy Family Reunion.  They literally had an appreciation tunnel, two rows of Scensty Directors and up, one row on each side of us, from the front door of the convention center all the way to our seats.  As I walked in with them all cheering and smiling on both sides of me I couldn’t help but smile and tear up.  What an amazing feeling.  That is the feeling I want to keep with me each day and share with others. 

I am not an overnight Scentsy success story.  I’m not making seven figures a year and I don’t have a huge team, YET!!!  I do have two Bachelor Degrees in Business and work fulltime in my career, which I’ve earned by working hard and being focused.  I bring that knowledge and determination into my Scentsy business.  Let me help you.  More than the product Scentsy is about sharing and providing an opportunity.  Everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  It doesn’t just land in your lap but with such a great product, if you work your business you will see a return on your investment. 

I’m not a Scentsy Independent Consultant because I have to, I choose Scentsy.  I am planting the seeds to have a beautiful life full of appreciation, love, simplicity, authenticity, and generosity.  I would love to share that same opportunity with you.  

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